Book borrowing and lending

The Fulton Public Library provides access to tens of thousands of books, the majority of which are available for borrowing by anyone with a library card.The libraries 1098095_10151482718437723_1405769449_ncollection includes a range of popular fiction, classics, nonfiction and reference works, books of public interest or under public discussion, and subscriptions to popular newspapers and magazines. The Fulton Public Library is a quiet space for reading. Borrowers may also take books home, as long as they return them at a certain time and in good condition. If a borrowed book is returned late, the library may charge a small library fine. The Fulton Public Library also provides access to e-books and digital or digitized periodicals as well as printed books.

The library providse books and other materials for children. These items are found in the children’s library . Child oriented websites with on-line educational games and 1546273_10151791106347723_160386380_nprograms specifically designed for younger library users are hosted on the library website. Other items found include books on CD, young adult literature and other materials for teenagers, and other special items.

Interlibrary loan allows libraries to provide patrons access to the collections of other libraries, especially rare, infrequently used, specialized and/or out-of-print books. Ask the librarian about how to use the Interlibrary loan system to help get you what you are looking for!

Computer and internet access

Part of the Fulton Public Library mission has become attempting to help bridge the digital divide. As more books, information resources, and government services are being provided online, public libraries increasingly provide access to the Internet and public computers for users who otherwise would not be able to connect to these services. The Fulton Public Library offers public access computers with internet and periodically offers training and support to computer users.

Children’s Programming

Enjoy a variety of programs at the Fulton Public Library, beginning right from birth with story time and continuing to Toddler story time. Children ages three to five enjoy Preschool 10492262_10152093807807723_100106182789890119_nstorytime, and all ages are welcome at Family story time. School age children and teens find fun stuff afternoons and weekends, including book discussion groups, puppet workshops, crafts and creative dramatics. All programs and services are planned by a well-trained staff eager to help select books you will enjoy!

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